Meditation helps to strengthen both emotional and physical health. Aromatherapy can enhance the effects of meditation, help calm down and restore inner peace faster after a busy day. Modern and old meditation methods are powerful tools for improving emotional and physical health, often do not require much effort and provide a lot of joy and the opportunity to spend time meaningfully.

The use of essential oils during meditation enhances the effects of exercise, increases concentration, and helps reduce stress and anxiety faster and more effectively (which for most are such common companions in this stressful age). The use of essential oils facilitates meditation exercises, strengthens experiential states (emotions).

The aromatherapy oil diffuser is a new highly effective means of dispersing essential oils in the air while preserving the natural structure and healing effects of the oils. The ultrasonic diffuser works by releasing a small amount of water (depending on the volume and power of the diffuser) into the air together with the particles of essential oils in a short time – when the diffuser is switched on, the effect of aromatherapy starts immediately. Often diffusers also have a soft light function such diffusers are designed for meditation in both light and darkness then they can also be used to meditate with concentration on light (a certain color). Soft tones also promote faster, deeper relaxation.

Plants that are able to store a lot of vital energy have a great property – to adapt to different, including unfavorable, conditions.

Volatile molecules of essential oils, in interaction with human energy, also increase its adaptability. This is why it acts in a harmonizing and healing way, promotes immunity and redistribution of energy flows. 

Essential oils, with a strong effect on energy and psyche, are friendly to other health care and treatment measures, because plants also live in peace with the environment. Each essential oil has a broad effect, but at the same time has a specific nuance of effect, so it is possible to find what is most needed at that time.

How essential oils affect energy:

Clove essential oil helps when you need to change your attitude to different life situations, helps to recover faster from injuries, illnesses and surgeries.

Cinnamon essential oil regenerates the energy field, helps to create targeted impulses and makes it easier to overcome failures, awakens optimism, self-belief and self-esteem. Helps to overcome the desire to feel sorry for oneself, to recover from the failures of the past, opens to love and harmonious relationships.

Melissa essential oil is a very strong shield against the negativity of the surrounding, helps to weaken unwanted connections. Strengthens optimism and operational success, energy self-regulation mechanisms.

Juniper essential oil strengthens the natural integrity and certainty of the personality, helps to recognize a lie and find a way out of a difficult situation. Encourages the acquisition of authority, develops gratitude and intelligence.

Patchouli essential oil helps to cope with any situation that requires analysis and intuition, helps to feel the unique “taste” of love and goodness. Men’s essential oil.

Sage essential oil helps restore energy after a deception, after severe life shocks, to relieve the grievances suffered. Women’s essential oil.

Eucalyptus essential oil helps to recover quickly from stress, illness, improve concentration and increase the ability of the intellect.

Rose essential oil replaces the unproductive energy of anger, frustration, and sadness into the energy of improvement. Rose essential oil helps to restore harmony, it radiates peace, benevolence. Rose essential oil also helps to feel the pleasure of loneliness.

Rosemary essential oil renews, invigorates energy, strengthens immunity to negative environmental effects. It also warms, encourages action and living actively, strengthens intuition and kindness.

Tea tree essential oil is one of those that helps with oncology and tumors that result from incorrect living attitudes. Restores the volume, shape, symmetry of the energy field and especially affects the area of it that is above the head.

Lavender essential oil soothes the nervous system and improves sleep, reduces pain and inflammation. Regenerates the skin. Lavender oil is one of the oldest and most widely recognized essential oils.

Restores, cleans and protects

Bioenergetics believe that essential oils cleanse and restore the human energy body-biofield and protect it from the effects of the environment. Essential oils provide protection for a person in places where a lot of people congregate – in stations, airports, schools, cinemas, supermarkets. The best part is that the essential oils affect the  systems of the body that need recovery or protection the most. By inhaling the aroma of essential oils, we give the body strength, light energy that dissolves the negative effects and creates a protective field.