4 Signs that Prove this is not Your first life on Earth


You can “scan” other people

All the emotions and feelings of the people around are like an open book. If this is true, then perhaps you have gained experience helping to scan people in previous lives. You enjoy listening to other people’s stories, you know how to listen and understand. Bioenergy experts believe that people with an old soul do not need to learn the subtleties of psychology to recognize the motives and intentions of others. They have a highly developed intuition and access to a secret repository of knowledge located somewhere deeper than our brains. Because of the ability to understand people, such people can easily make friends, avoid enemies. They have developed empathy that helps them feel what those around them think and feel.

You feel good alone

Such people can spend a lot of time alone and enjoy every minute. People who have repeatedly experienced reincarnation, does not want to do something for the approval of friends, parents and others. They do everything only for themselves or for justice. There are often hermits and monks among such people. These are very kind, open, benevolent people.

You are interested how the world works

If a person has lived many lives, he understands perfectly well that the world isn’t perfect. Such people constantly find flaws in everything that happens around. They often feel that others are doing something wrong. A person with an old soul is interested in existence. That’s why there are many scientists among such people. The most important thing for people who were not born for the first time is a spiritual transformation and the desire to understand the surrounding world around them. It explains their desire to take an interest in everything, reading and educating themselves.

People respect you

People feel those who have seen this world for over than a hundred years. That’s why they always have an irresistible urge to ask you about something important. This respect and attractiveness can be explained by that all these reincarnations have led to the emergence of a special view of the world and all that is going on around it.