True Love is a Gift from God

A loving person will not insist on offering a piece of cake if you follow a diet and will not make fun of you. It will not add sugar to tea for you if you have diabetes. And will not offer to drink if you decide to live sober. You don’t need to see the world the way he sees it, you don’t have to follow his rules.

To love- is not to play “mind games”

A loving person does not seek to make a loved one feel guilty, does not manipulate his/her feelings, does not blackmail him or her. He has the courage to admit mistakes rather than desperately prove his righteousness. A loving person does not apply to your most painful place, does not attack from ambush – he/she is looking for a solution, is ready to compromise.

To love is not to be selfish

A loving person does not think that the world revolves around him. He not only takes but also gives. He feels the other person, literally understands when he is tired, feels bad, is sad or unhappy. He who truly loves is always ready to reach out, offer a shoulder. He does not behave the way you want him to, he respects your time and energy. And knows how to share everything. As O. Wilde wrote, “Living the way you want is not selfishness. Self-interest to force others to live the way you want. “

To love is to allow another to live freely

One of the first signs of emotional abuse is your partner’s desire to follow your every move: who are you calling, where are you going, what are you doing … A loving person does not. He doesn’t check your cell phone, doesn’t monitor the car’s speedometer, counting the kilometers traveled and guessing where you were. He doesn’t tell you how to think, look, talk. It does not specify what you should feel in one case or another.

To love is to respect

A truly loving person does not deceive, does not lie. He openly shares his feelings and thoughts, you don’t have to guess how he feels. A loving person does not torment you with constant suspicions, unfounded scenes of jealousy. He doesn’t flirt with your friends and doesn’t make you feel insecure.

To love is to allow another to have their own space

Sometimes it is necessary for the partners to increase the distance between them. Everyone has the right to have their hobbies, their friends, their occupations. Finally time to beat up with yourself.

To love is to hear another

A loving person listens to you attentively, even if you don’t say anything important. He may not have ready-made solutions for all cases of life, he may not know all the answers to the questions, but he has the patience and desire to listen to you.