More than 7 billion people live on earth. Some are lucky, others live with a lot of worries, others are sick, others can boast good health. When things go well in life, people feel great, most people live in fear, afraid that harmony may end one day. They live in the unknown of what tomorrow will bring: sickness, misfortune, pain … Lots of people, lots of lives, lots of stories … How to Live a Happy Life?

The harmony and peace of life depend very much on karma. Karma is a derivation of past actions that affect us. Every action has a reaction, doing good – we get good, by doing evil – evil returns, such a law of the universe to maintain balance. A person comes to life to realize something, to learn, but it often happens that when he comes not only does not make his goal, but also adds a lot of negativity, which later returns as illness, misfortune, poverty… , but also to understand what he has done in the past life and why it is not necessary to do so, because karmic lessons are received for the deeds of the past life.

It is said that all experiences are good, but without perception the experience is just a story. All the trials sent to us are signs that indicate that something needs to be perceived as we move towards our purpose in life, otherwise we will not achieve it. The longer a person does not accept this, the more they increase their negative experiences, instead of being able to live happily. Sometimes the purpose of human life that came to earth is to know disease, poverty, or other calamities, but by being conscious, cleansing karma, goals can be changed and learned through more pleasant things.

Many have heard of kinship karma, country karma, which involves not one but many affected people. RELATIVE KARMA – when many relatives are affected by some negative factor. For example, almost all men in the family are alcoholics. Growing up in such a family with an alcoholic father, a woman seems to have chosen not to choose a drinking man in any way, but such a life still comes into her life, if not drinking at the time, it is a potential that is drunk later. This happens because the first woman in the family who started that chain did not realize the reason why she attracted such a man to her life.

Programs, stereotypes with which she attracted, she passed on to her children during their upbringing, and those to her children… Applying stereotypes, programs, blocks in this way can also be common, recurrent diseases in the family, which are often written off for heredity. If a person finds that program, block, stereotype, and perceives it, then no kinship karma can touch it. It is up to you to carry the burden of karma or to be free.

The karma of a country includes the people living in that country. For example, as an occupation of a country. The people of the occupied country were not born and live there by chance, but because they have to understand from this situation, why did it happen to them that they found themselves in the occupied country? If the majority of the country’s population perceives, the occupation leaves, if individual people perceive it, they are less and less affected by the occupation. Circumstances arise in such a way that they have the opportunity to go to live in another country, or start living such a full life that the occupation simply does not feel an interesting example is the karma of North American Indians. When Europeans arrived in North America, it was heavily colonized, lands were occupied, and locals were forced into reserves. Indians suffered great pain in seeing their nation destroyed… Karma in this case worked in such a way that many major colonists were reborn as Indians and felt in their fur what it means to live in reserves and what it means to see, feel when your nation, its traditions die… Well any During this time, the philosophy of Indian life around the world is gaining more and more interest, which helps the traditions to survive .

Forgive yourself for everything you feel guilty for, apologize for everything you have done wrong to re forced into reserves. Indians suffered great pain in seeing their nation destroyed… 

The purification of karma begins with the desire, from the expressed intention to go to the light, to the positive. To begin to cleanse karma, and even more so from past lives, you must first stop charging it in this life. You can do it now, you really don’t have to procrastinate, because it only makes life easier and more enjoyable. yourself, accept yourself as you are, send yourself love, envelop yourself with love.

Forgive everyone you feel sorry for: loved ones, friends, enemies, politicians, employers – everyone who just comes to mind. Thoughts apologize to all those you feel hurt, send love. Do all this with all your heart and you will definitely feel relieved, because part of the burden of karma will come down from you.
It may be difficult to forgive yourself, others for some deeds, but when you forgive you will be free from the grips of the negative that are holding you back. We must finally realize that everything that happens to us is a consequence of our own actions. Those who have acted negatively in front of you are just signs that have shown that you have lived badly and that you have attracted with your misbehavior, so don’t be angry, say thanks for the signs that have been shown.

Take responsibility for yourself, because what happens to you is not the fault of anyone, it is only a consequence of your own actions, what you are, your environment, your life. Start observing yourself, your actions, your words, your thoughts, your behavior to those around you, look at yourself, your environment sometimes from the side as a neutral observer and you will see how it all depends on your own behavior.


The next step is to close deeper situations that have occurred in youth, childhood, or even past lives. It’s not a game, it’s work with yourself and it needs to be looked at very responsibly. Situations are closed only to those who currently have a negative impact on life, which would improve the quality of life. Situations from past lives can only be viewed by those we are able to close, they only need to look at the essence that we need now, because we have lived a lot of our lives, we have had even more situations in them, so reviewing everything would not be enough for a lifetime. To close, it means to realize, to realize what was wrong there and what to do so that it would not negatively affect us, and the knowledge gained would help.

The universe is so arranged that you can get everything you want, but we have to be prepared for what we get, otherwise it will hurt us. Therefore, if we have a goal to achieve it we have to go a certain way, after which we become ready to receive our desire. Closing past lives is not a goal, it is a path to a goal, and the goal is a harmonious life. If you ask for a stretch you will be unable to close a deep situation, and ascending from your depths to the surface, it rises with the negative that was experienced there, which will act negatively if you do not close the situation can cause health problems, so it is very important to do everything in a row:

1-Desire, expressed intention to go to the light.
2-Taking responsibility for yourself. Everything that happens is only a consequence of our own actions.
3-Self-monitoring of the environment in an effort to give up negative energies.
4-Restoration of vision. Every person is clairvoyant, only not everyone knows it, perceives it and accepts.
5-Raising situations from past lives.

Everyone chooses how to live, some create a negative and do not turn their head over it, others try to live positively, and still others – to correct the mistakes of the past.

I chose the third option and my life from despair became great.

 There are no bad roads, there is only a choice in how we learn – through the negative or the positive.