Incredibly Simple Happiness Tips And Inspirational Quotes


We all want to be happy, so we listen to advice from healthy lifestyle coaches, writers and psychologists. We still hope that perhaps this time we will hear that unprecedented and all-worthy recipe for happiness. First of all, there is no recipe for happiness for everyone – we are different, so there can be no common way to become happy for everyone. Second, happiness is a habit. And that’s good news, because you can actually choose to be happy.

Don’t expect to discover an equation of happiness that works for everyone

No matter how we want to make you happy, there is no formula for happiness for everyone – unfortunately – each of us is surrounded by a different social environment, individual childhood experiences and different lessons learned, but in a sense it is good news – in this case we can only find the right happiness recipe. Just remember one thing – happiness is not the goal, it is a long and fun journey sometimes you just have to throw away the map.

Because a map is a life that someone else has already lived. Start from scratch and create the map yourself ”- Cora Carmack .

Don’t chase fame and money

Climb the career ladder, pursue your financial goals, but do it to realize yourself, not to discover your happiness in wealth. Not every manager or millionaire in a giant company is happy.

As research and people’s stories show, even a bunch of money won in a lottery doesn’t bring much happiness. In contrast, the money wasted on winning causes a lot more stress in life than before.

“Money is not the purpose of life,” Corbett Barr said.

Don’t avoid challenges

Challenges are necessary for people – without them, we would stop improving, and improvement is the main condition for self-satisfaction and our own lives. According to psychologists, various activities that stimulate the mind and emotions (career, family or other areas of life) help to realize your goals much more realistically and escape from a life routine.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” says Helen Keller.

Train your psychology and mood

Stagnant psychology and healthy lifestyle habits are integral components of happiness, so activities such as meditation or positive thinking therapies are essential to improve mood, manage emotions, and relieve stress.

“Your mind can be your strongest muscle or your biggest enemy. Train him properly “- the author is unknown.

Be grateful

Don’t forget to be grateful and appreciate what you have – after all, you can lose everything in an instant. Do you think happiness will make you grateful too? Unfortunately not, but gratitude can really contribute to your happiness. According to research professor of psychology Robert Emmons, constant gratitude improves mood, survival skills and physical and emotional well-being.

Be generous

The opportunity to give brings far more happiness than the opportunity to receive. So in that sense, happiness is really possible to buy. Sociologist Michael Norton assures that money can buy happiness, but only if it is spent not for their own needs, but for those who really lack something.

Chinese proverb: If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. … If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody else.


Annoying when people keep asking why don’t you smile? Believe me, they do it not in vain. Every smile, even squeezed through violence, reduces stress and anxiety, so in stressful and exciting situations, a smile is especially advisable, no matter how difficult it may be at first. This fact was also confirmed by scientists.

Avoid negative people

Constant complaints, excessive self-pride, narcissism or just a negative attitude towards life are qualities that should be avoided both when choosing friends and when changing oneself. Or maybe it’s time to convey your positive attitude to them as well?

“Give a stranger one smile today. It may be the only sunshine he sees in a day, ”said Jackson Brown.

Tell only the truth

And tell it not only to others, but to yourself, after all, the most important thing is not to lie to yourself. Don’t be afraid of your problems, don’t hide from the pain you are experiencing and don’t just try to forget everything – every emotion needs to be felt, otherwise they will just accumulate and cause even more stress.

Wait for the golden age

The fast-paced years shouldn’t make you sad. Don’t think that you are losing something – it is not for nothing that it is said that happiness comes with years and life experiences.Researchers have proved this, according to them, although in old age people also experience a lot of stress due to their health, pain and other factors, but they know how to deal with this stress much better than young people.

Maybe I’m an old woman already, but so what? I’m still hot! ”- Betty White.