The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe Every thought manifests itself in vibrations, and these vibrations attract towards themselves similar other vibrations.

We call that process the law of attraction. The law of attraction says: each object (or thought) attracts a similar other object (thought) to itself. It can be said that the law of attraction is a kind of overseer of the universe, surprising that all similar thoughts (objects) find each other.

The radio works on a similar principle – it receives oscillations of the frequency at which it is set. After all, you don’t expect to hear the music the station is broadcasting on, say, 101FM if the receiver is set to 98.6 FM. Radio frequency frequencies must match the frequency of the receiver. This is a certain manifestation of the law of attraction.

Your desires also take the form of vibrations. In order to do something, you emit vibrations, the object of your desire – as well. When these vibrations begin to harmonize harmoniously, the desire is fulfilled. When you think about a desired thing or experience, you emit vibrations that in turn begin to pull that thing or experience towards you.

However, if instead of thinking about the desired object, you start thinking about your deprivation, the law of attraction will adapt to the vibrations of deprivation – which means that even greater deprivation will be drawn towards you. That is the law.