Life Is An Echo


Life is an echo – what you release into the world, it comes back to you. What you see in others, that exists in you. As already mentioned, at the most subtle level, everything is one. And I’m not just talking about the spiritual level. Matter is made up of molecules, molecules are atoms, atoms are even smaller parts, and they are just vibrating energy. Matter is compressed by a very large amount of energy, we know this from Einstein’s formula E = mc2 (energy equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared). So everything is one, everything is energy. We attract to our lives what resonates with the energy we radiate ourselves. It all depends on how we think, what our thoughts are. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts we attract positive or negative results. Without realizing this, people think about the difficulties they are experiencing, about what does not satisfy them in life, what they do not want, and strongly emotionally responds to those thoughts and attracts even more difficulties. For example, if someone has debts and is constantly thinking about it and how to give them away, where to get the money, dreams of winning the lottery and solving all the problems, the result can be an even greater shortage and new debt. Because they even think about winning and solving the problem emotionally in the problem, in a state of scarcity and “hunger”, spreading the energy of low vibrations, which created the problems they have. All the people around us and the events that happen to us are the vibrational equivalent of our own vibrations. That is why there are wise sayings that if you do not find something in yourself, you will not find it outside. There are no answers, solutions, or improvements on the outside until it is on our inside. Only when the level of vibrations of our energy in the external life changes, the equivalents of change appear – new situations, different people, changes. The literature on the Law of Attraction usually tries to suggest that it is very simple and easy. In fact, all ingenious things are very simple. However, the world is not perfect and only a small proportion of people live a truly meaningful, happy, consciously created life and realize their dreams. I think this is clear evidence that knowing about the Law of Attraction and actually applying it to your life are two different things. Achieving truly impressive results will require a commitment to serious change – a change in your worldview, habits and thinking, and your energy at the same time.