7 Diffrent Human Bodies And What Are They

The Physical Body 

In Sanskrit, the physical body is called Annamaya Kosha. This visible material body is born, grows, matures, weakens and dies. Its components return to the earth again and form part of a new nutritional cycle (becoming earthworm food). Yoga pays a lot of attention to this body, one might even think that it is the most important of the three bodies. But the goal is to subordinate the physical body to the control of the spiritual body. They can then both serve higher spiritual purposes. We need to treat the physical body properly and wisely if we want to achieve anything in this area at all.

The Etheric body 

The first invisible body is also called the energetic human body. It is an exact copy of the physical body. He repeats this silhouette, going outside it 3 -5 cm. This invisible body is of the same structure as the physical body, encompassing its organs and parts. It consists of a special kind of matter called ether. Ether occupies an intermediate position between the bodily matter of which our world is composed and from the more subtle kinds of matter than etheric matter. Basically, in the Eastern tradition, the etheric body does not even belong to invisible bodies, but is considered a variant of our physical body. The color of the etheric body, as described by psychics, ranges from light blue to gray. Sensitive person – blue shade, physically strong-gray shade. When a person dies, all his invisible bodies leave the physical body. However, only the etheric body has weight, the other bodies are weightless. The etheric body also dies, but not immediately, but on the ninth day after human death. It then separates as well, but remains close to the physical body. Without the etheric body, our entire receptors, nervous system, and other elements of the physical body become inactive — there is no life in them.

 The Astral Body

The second invisible body is also called the emotional body, which consists of more subtle matter than the etheric. This body is 5 – 10 cm outside the physical body. It does not have as precise a shape as the ethereal one and reflects the ever-changing color concentrates of energy. For a non-emotional person, this body is fairly even and discharged. And for a very emotional and impulsive person, these multicolored concentrates are thicker and denser. In addition, outbreaks of negative emotions manifest themselves in the energy of heavy and dark colors – dark red, brown, gray, black, and so on. If a person is emotional but not angry, then the concentrates of negative energy in the emotional body are absorbed quite quickly. And if a person’s negative emotions turn into long-term anger (on people, life) or constant aggression on life or other people (boss, ex-husband, etc.), then such emotions form long-term concentrates of negative emotional energy. Those concentrates later have a negative effect on our health. Astral energy creates the so-called astral level, which is inhabited by beings on the astral level. In addition, all beings and objects of your own creation live in the astral plane. The brighter the dream you have dreamed of, the longer it will remain on the astral level. According to some data, after a person dies, his astral body also dies, but only on the fortieth day.

 The Mental Body 

The third invisible body of human thought and knowledge. It is highly developed by scientists, researchers and people interested in any field of knowledge (history, architecture, botany, etc.). And weak people working manual labor. The mental body goes beyond the physical body 10 – 20 cm and accurately repeats its contours. It consists of even more subtle energy – energy on a mental level. There are also energy concentrates in the mental body that reflect our beliefs and constant thoughts. These concentrates are called thought forms. The thought form can only come from the energy of the mental body – if our beliefs are not accompanied by emotions. And if beliefs are related to emotions, then the form of thought is formed from energies on a mental and emotional level. Hence, if we have developed a constant negative belief (for example, towards our power or loved ones) and it is accompanied by far from the slightest emotions, then the corresponding form of thought will adorn itself with the dirty colors of the emotional body. The form of thought can be unstable if our knowledge or beliefs are inaccurate or unclear. Conversely, it is perfectly defined if our beliefs are consistent and complete. After death, a person’s mental body also dies – along with his accumulated knowledge. Some sources claim that he dies on the ninetieth day after a person dies. All three discussed invisible human bodies belong to our material world, are born and die together with man. 

The Spiritual Body

A spiritual body is a body that is fully animated and sustained by the life giving Spirit of God. The spiritual body is what we need to know. This is the real reality. If we want to be healthy and fresh, we must first take care of the needs of our spiritual body. The spiritual body usually needs the opposite of what our physical body needs. The physical body is the shadow of the spiritual body. Our spiritual body is rushing to know the spiritual reality of the world. The most interesting to him is the truth invisible to the “naked” eye. the spiritual body rushes to what is most hidden from it, to God.

The Cosmic Body

The cosmic body is the perception when a person perceives himself as a part of everything and perceives everything as a part of himself. 

The Nirvanic Body 

The sixth invisible human body is the highest, the memory. It goes beyond the physical body 80 – 100 cm. High-energy people can be even higher. Externally, the ridge body looks like a golden egg that holds all the human bodies. There is a 1 – 2 cm protective film on the surface of the egg. This film is strong, elastic and protects a person from external influences. Inside the golden egg, clairvoyants see the main energy current that connects the ends of the egg and flows through the human spine. This body stores the program of human life. In other words, it is the duties assumed by the human soul traveling to Earth during ordinary reincarnation. This is about the complex structure of the human body. There are many elements in the structure of the human body. Those elements are the energy centers called CHAKRAS.