This is a recent communication from Manual through Tara...

 [ Tara was reading an email from a friend when this suddenly came through ]

Aaah, this is what we were looking for.  This small point inserted amongst a great many words.

"the revelation of enormous weaknesses at the core of the worldıs seemingly strong dictatorships"

The revelation shall be, (if each shall choose to accept it)  not the second coming of Christ, not an advancement of extra-terrestrial being, but in fact, the awareness of self as a unit of the Godness of the all that is.  The power that exists within, rather than from without.  The ancient seed, sprouting into awareness of it's self as a growing, alive and vibrant being with thought consciousness and ability to create and manifest within and outside of the self.

Combined, with the "other" selves, this awareness unifies into an organism, you could say, of awareness and individuality.   On this level, it too exists and one day sprouts from the seed of unity into a "larger" being.

It is when this level is reached, that all beings understand on some level (if not conscious-then cellular in the least) become unified in the possibility and desire for HEALING and PEACE for ALL beings on the Earth plane and beyond.

The so called "enlightening" of the species is not isolated to the human race, as they would tend to enjoy believing.  They are part of a larger organic whole, of which they see and think of as a God-force.

The TRUE God force is indeed, not a powerful surge or Omnipotent being with judgment or even with a care, but it is in the tiny silence, in the nothing that God truly resides.  It is within, where there is nothingness.  That which you consider to be God is in the space between the lines, in the silence between the notes in music, in the tiny nothingness from which all is seemingly projected.  There, within is the evidence of all true potential.  It is only from the nothing from which something can be pulled and created.  It is only from the nothing that the voice of God is heard.  That is why meditation is so important and we continue to express that it is a key.  It is the still point in your life that you can pivot from, can move and create and continue onward from.  That still point is NOW.

It is this very moment you have in your awareness of self on which you can pivot your life.

This, is done in simple ways, like BEING HERE IN THIS NOW.  NOW....AND ONCE MORE, NOW....AND AGAIN, NOW... until you are continually in this now and not in yesterday's disappointments or pleasures, or tomorrow's hope.

This is the point from which all power is accessed and begins.  If your culture is continually being angry about a bomb that was dropped, a phrase that was said or an insult that was thrown, then the back and forth will continue and it is likely to escalate, as things do in nature when they are moving.


Will continue to make politicians more political, and followers more subservient, until....they each listen and act consciously from the NOW in accordance with peace.  In LOVE.

What is the second coming of Christ?  It is LOVE, not a man in robes who will ascend from the clouds and lift us all (well, the "good ones") into Heaven, where there is food and sex and everything one could desire.

It is here now, and the illusion is that there is not enough food or sex.  Look at your culture. Of course there is not enough beautiful women.  Each man has (or is supposed to) possess one or more of them, and therefore there is not "enough" to go around.  The countries where there is most animosity are the cultures that also have great greed, power hunger and sexual repression.  In the middle East, where women are hidden, to the West, where they are revealed.  Each extreme has created an imbalance.

Where there is great poverty and great wealth, there is imbalance.  There is GREAT WANTING...a thirst that comes from not feeling fulfilled.  This comes from listening to television and media and the cultural statements and beliefs, religion, government, all these things which take power from you...LAWS that control you for your own benefit, shows which feed you your nightly dose of fear and remind you of how imperfect you are.  These things all create a sense of powerlessness, and these things also keep you from BEING the GOD that you ARE.

And so, when you remind each other, with peace and love, when you remind yourself with peace and love, that you are indeed a perfect cell of the God of all that is, you will cease to have war.  You will cease to have sexual repression, possession, shame, guilt, and powerlessness.  

All will liberate themselves and each other with tiny, kind acts.  Small tokens, gifts to strangers, a smile, a hug, and a thought of love.

You have a movie called, "Pay it Forward" and we remind you to extend yourself not just once, in kindness, but all the time, in every conscious action, word or deed.  This, just as with hatred, can spread and grow and transform.

Pass it on.  Be kind and love.  Turn off your TV and refuse to give your power away to the government or your religion or a leader who claims that anything less than peace will accomplish anything of good.

When the eyes turn away from the subject, he is no longer the leading actor on stage.  All beings, individually, have the power and ability to disrobe from their traditional beliefs.  Just because your mother or father insisted that a particular belief system was "the RIGHT one" doesn't make it so.  If it is causing pain, then it is not the right one.  If there is death in the name of any religion, then it is simply RELIGION and certainly NOT SPIRITUAL.

For TRUE SPIRITUALITY ONLY DESIRES PEACE and is tolerant of differences and supportive of the multitude of belief systems.  As you have found that there are no two snowflakes alike, you should also conclude that there are no two beings of exacting beliefs.  Which snowflake will you choose to be "the ONE?" The Ultimate snowflake that all others should worship?

Which human will you decide is RIGHT?

As long as you are identifying that every snowflake is different, you will not see the snowfall for it's magnificent splendor.  Instead of seeing the shimmering magical wonderland, if you stare at just the snowflakes in your palm, you will not see what is beyond.  Your sight is limited when you limit yourselves with judgment.

Judgment is what we call comparing one similar thing to another and identifying one as "more than or better than" another.

ALL beings have beauty, all beings have loved ones, and ones who love them.  All seem to be hurt in some way, and want compensation for this.  They feel empty or abused or neglected or less than in some way, and what we say is that addressing this issue of lack is what gives power to it.

Having fear about a job or friend or relationship or anything of the future is not beneficial, for you create FROM THE NOW and if you are creating it with fear, then you are extending the life of your lack.  Bringing it into your future with you as "baggage" which is carried on the cart of fear you pull with you.  If you are to travel into the future of your life, then check no bags.  Take with you the now, and the faith in the Universe, the Mulitverse,  or whatever it is that you call God to continue to provide you with life, with food, with that which will keep you here in this reality.  And know, that one day your ticket is up, the trip is over.  

Don't worry.  It is then that you will finally feel the comfort of home and the peace that you seek.  

You don't need to die to find it.  You don't need to be re-born or see Jesus, or get a private exemption from God.

The power is within.  It is quiet, in the void, in the mystery and darkness. It is the place you fear most, and yet, the place from which all power and creation grows.  It is in the silence.  It is in the PEACE of taking no action of harm towards the self or another.  No war.  No support of it.  No judgment.  No support of it.

This is when the powers that you call dictatorships collapse.  The power is returned to the people when the king is be-headed.  Instantly.  Those beings who control can be "be-headed" by simply averting attention, focus and awareness away from them and turning the spotlight on those who deserve to be seen.  Those who are truly doing God's work, by doing their own work, and by BEING that which you call to be God.


It will heal...

You will have peace.  You will awaken HERE in the Heaven you reside in and have diluted with the waters of that which you experience as Hell.
Know that Love and peace are the true state of your being, and all else is an illusion created from that same powerful silent and dark point where you draw your experience from. 



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